Most people in Solihull will have encountered a blocked drain before, probably when the water waste pipe or toilet starts to back up. Hopefully the water only backed up slightly, if not, then you may have learned a valuable lesson of, what not to do in the future;

Why do drains get blocked?

Quite simply, drains back up when the water trying to escape via a downpipe is restricted or, stopped in its tracks by something or, things that have gotten stuck in the pipework preventing the water from escaping. If the water cannot drain away, then, it can only do one thing, start to back up.

What are the most common causes?

Believe it or not, here are the most common causes of blocked drains, and no, hair is not number one!

  • Wipes – Wipes shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet, some are marketed as disposable or, flushable. Regardless, they most certainly should not be flushed down the toilet.
  • Hair – A hard one to prevent unless you have some kind of ‘stuff’ capturing device. More often than not, if you’ve got blocked drains in Solihull then it’s probably because your hair has collected somewhere in the pipework.
  • Oils, fats and grease – The amount of people who put hot oils and fats down drains and expect them not to cool down on their way and solidify is outstanding, think before you pour.

Human error

Very rarely will you find a construction issue that has caused a blocked drain, although it can happen, most of the time it’s because of what has been put down your drains.