If you keep a ‘little black book’ the you will probably already have some contacts in there but, how relevant are they and will they actually come in handy when you use them? If you live in Swindon then look through the local directories for the following and make a note of them, at least you won’t be scrabbling around next time you need some help.

The contacts

You’ll want to make sure that the contacts you have in your ‘little black book’ are useful and, are highly recommended professionals. It’s no good using your mates, mate as a contact if, whenever you call, he’s not able to answer, or unable to do a job;

  • A good mechanic
  • Emergency Drain Clearance
  • Multipurpose Electrician
  • Registered gas engineer
  • Your favourite food delivery service
  • Emergency doctor

Also, important to have some back up numbers of social media connections too, if, for whatever reason one of these guys doesn’t answer, then you’ll have another way of getting hold of them.

Forming new relationships from the start

How you organise your list is up to you, but, in the event that the toilet isn’t in good working order you’ll probably want emergency drain clearance in Swindon somewhere near the top, then maybe food and whatever else you deem to be ‘essential’. Having those contacts and using them is really important for local communities and can, sometimes provide you with a foot in the door when it comes to another relationship or, contact that you could use in the future.