When we think of our local plumber, we tend to imagine he unblocks drains and fixes leaking pipes and taps, yet there is so much more to a plumber’s life. Not only can he fix a whole host of problems around the home, he can also carry out some home improvement projects, such as those listed below.

  1. Supply & Install Digital Showers – If you are planning to get rid of that bulky bath and replace it with a state-of-the-art digital shower, talk to any of the local plumbers in Medway, who can all install the shower unit and the shower screens. If you need to have some plumbing alterations done to accommodate a new shower location, this is all part of the service.
  2. Hot Tub – Hot tubs are becoming very trendy in the United Kingdom, and this is something your local plumber can install. Once you have decided on the location of the hot tub, which might be on the terrace or a sheltered corner of the garden, the plumber can run water and waste pipes to the unit and connect everything up, including the electricity.
  1. Wet Underfloor Heating – If you would like to be able to walk around barefoot in the kitchen during the cold winter months, then your local plumber can take up the flooring and install a water based underfloor heating system. The heat comes from a network of water pipes that are connected to your central heating, and once installed, you have the luxury of heated flooring.

Talk to your local plumber if you would like any of the above and he will happily give you a quote.