Your business image and employee health are both important. Commercial carpet cleaners can keep your carpets looking good and minimize the buildup of dirt, dust, and allergens that can damage your carpet and affect the health of anyone in your building.

Your business usually gets more traffic than your average home carpet. This is the reason many business owners invest in a high-traffic carpet that will hide flaws, dust, and dirt. But, a coffee spill or food stain could make your commercial space looking unprofessional. That is why companies must hire commercial carpet cleaning services at least quarterly. However, there are many of them on the market which makes choosing the right one difficult.

When hiring a cleaning service, here’s what to look for:


Professional commercial carpet cleaners went through extensive and professional training to identify and understand the best cleaning methods like Encapsulation for fast dry cleaning as well as solutions to get rid of even the most stubborn carpet stains. Make sure to look for a company that is extensively familiar with the different kinds of carpets and their fibers. They should have standard certifications that will show their expertise in cleaning carpets.

Advanced Cleaning Methods

Getting your commercial carpet by your employees will usually involve the use of a brush and soapy water. But, commercial carpet cleaners come to your workplace with contemporary and eco-friendly tools, equipment, and solutions. Also, they will use special treatments to preserve the quality of your carpet fibers while removing the stains and spills. They make use of powerful machines called Truckmount to make simultaneous hot water injection and vacuum extraction possible for steaming carpets. The best company uses methods like hot water extraction and encapsulation which uses a special cleaning solution to clean and dries carpet fast.

Ability to Get the Job Done Right the First Time

Letting your employees clean your office carpet does not ensure the job will be done right. Usually, you may end up looking for commercial carpet cleaning service providers to clean the carpet again just a week later. Hiring the services of commercial carpet cleaners will help you avoid this kind of situation and save you money in the long run.

Length of Service

When hiring a commercial cleaning company, you want to choose the one that has been in business for many years. A lot of companies may not make it in the first few years because of their poor services and inability to meet the expectations of customers. Do your research and choose a company with at least ten years of existence in the commercial cleaning industry.


Companies that have lasted for many years may have a good reputation. Reputable companies usually get the most recommendations from customers. Ask your family, friends, and other business owners if they can hire a commercial carpet cleaner. Then, spend time reading reviews online to see what other customers have to say.

Flexible Business Hours

Usually, you don’t want carpet cleaners doing their thing around your workplace during business hours. That is why you must check with them to see what their business hours are and if they can provide flexibility in terms of commercial cleaning. But, many companies today can clean your carpet and get it dried quickly to ensure minimal business disturbance.