So you’ve got the right bedroom with balcony, furniture and comfortable space! But is the room still looking dull and boring? This is probably because your bedroom needs some creative zing to make your space truly exicting. Be it a splash of colour or some décor items put around the wall – it is the beauty of the bedroom wall spaces that truly highlights the room.

A bedroom needs its own subtle balance of furniture, colours, lights and space to make it the most comforting. Here are some Bedroom Wall Ideas that can truly lend the beauty you seek for your room!

One bright wall in the room

The age old formula of colouring one wall with an exciting colour can really be of help to begin with. Paint the bedside of the wall with colours like yellow, blue, green or red to make it vibrant and beautiful. The colour you choose for the wall has a lot to define your moods and temperament. Choose the colour as per your liking and the feel you would want in the house.

Lush decorative for the wall

Wall hangings, paintings, murals, or just a creative DIY item on the wall can make your room look a lot exciting. If you are into weaving or painting, take your time out to create something that adores the main wall of the room to make it edgy.

Painting or mirror

Mirrors are known to make the space look larger than it is. Pick up a large mirror to put on a corner of the wall to make it your dressing as well as add space feels. You can place mirrors on the sunlight area to brighten up the space.

Some greenery!

Add some indoor-plans or creepers to the bedroom wall to add life to the room. The touch of greenery with the feel of plants around doesn’t just make the space healthy and lively but also adds oodles of colours.

Make gallery on the wall

Pictures never fail to personalize a space or add some feelings to the room. You can opt to put a giant size picture of yours above the bed or pick random pictures of you with your friends and families to create a wall of memories. It works like you want!

Be edgy with your room décor to make it a more comfortable and lively space to live in.