You need strong materials to install your home’s plumbing system. Copper has always been the best choice for home plumbing systems. Copper has been pushed to the side in recent years and is now being replaced by cross-linked polyethylene (or PEX) pipes. Pex is rapidly becoming a popular choice for remodeling and renovation projects, even though copper remains a popular choice in many new construction jobs. Both copper and PEX have their advantages and disadvantages. It is important to remember these key points.

Copper lasts longer than PEX pipes

Copper pipes are more durable than PEX pipes. Copper pipes can last for up to 70 years, while PEX pipes have a lifespan between 30 and 50. The lifespan of PEX pipes can be reduced by households using extremely hot water (that is, water that is over 180 degrees Fahrenheit or contains high levels chlorine) Copper pipes can be damaged by acidic water. Copper pipes will last for about 20 years longer than PEX pipes.

PEX Pipes Are Less Expensive Than Copper Pipes

PEX pipes are generally cheaper than copper pipes. Copper has seen a dramatic rise in price over the last few years due to its growing value as a recyclable. Copper sources are becoming more difficult to find. Copper pipes will cost on average 60% more than PEX pipes.

Pex Pipes require fewer connections

Text types will often be easier to install. Because they require fewer connections, text types are easier to install. Copper is a hard metal. Copper is a rigid metal. It must be cut exactly to its specifications and fitted with elbow fittings at every corner. Text types, on the other hand, tend to run indefinitely. Because Pex pipes bend easily around corners and are easy to connect, additional connections are not required. Text pipes are also less likely to leak. They are more durable if there are fewer connections.

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