The outdoor landscape changes with season all around the year, so why not change our indoor landscape too? Homeowners can enjoy making seasonal changes to the interiors.

Simple ideas and tips to dress home in every season

Celebrate the spring season beauty

  • Floral – Enjoy the beauty of the flowers just like outdoors. Throw floral pillows on the sofa, spread floral print runner on the dining table and the ottoman or chair in the living room. Even display floral china on the kitchen cabinet top.
  • Pastels – Cool pastels will make the ambiance airier and warm pastels will invite sunshine within your home.
  • Sheer fabric – To add light and air to the home incorporate sheer fabric to the window treatment. Chandeliers with sheer shade will also allow more light in the room.
  • Fresh cut flowers – Bring spring inside with decorating the home with fresh-cut spring flowers, even the bathroom vanities, bedroom nightstand, and kitchen counter.

In summer focus on bold, summery designs

  • Light colored fabrics with window treatments, upholstered chairs, bedding and more.
  • Summer patterns add visual interest. For example, bold stripes or polka dots or Gingham patterns are a great summer theme.
  • Summer reminds you of the beach and you can smell the salty air as well as picture the sparkling waves. Look for fragrances associated with summer-like coconut, citrus wood, sandalwood, bamboo, etc. Choose a refreshing scent instead of musky and heavy.
  • Beach décor – Hang wall art exhibiting seascapes and include beach-themed décor to the bathrooms.

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Fall elements are earthy and rich

  • Rustic elements like distressed painted furniture, patinated metal, unfinished wood, and burlap can be used in varieties of forms like window treatments, furniture, wall décor, etc.
  • Earthy colors like burnt red, dark green, warm gold, rusty oranges, and rich browns can be mixed and matched. Features these colors in the form of furniture, window treatment, and table linen.

Keep drab feel away in winter

  • Plaid pattern in the form of fabric can be incorporated. A plaid rug in the family room, throw pillows on the sofa, and blanket for a cozy look. You get a wintery feel including plaid pattern.
  • Cozy elements like plush throw pillows and blankets on chairs and sofas or a fur element on the floor and dimmable light fixtures can do the trick.
  • Evergreen branches look beautiful against a white backdrop. They make a beautiful wreath for the door or add swag to the center table.
  • Candles are inexpensive. They offer an ideal combination of sophistication and coziness. Choose wintery scents like cinnamon and pine.

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