Trees can be a beautiful feature of gardens and parks, but sometimes they get in the way. If you’re having trouble with a tree that blocks your windows, clogs your drain pipes with leaves, or tears up your sidewalk with its roots, it might be time to contact a certified tree surgeon to remove it.

Tree Removal Process

Tree removal should be left to the professionals in almost all situations – if done incorrectly, it can cause damage to buildings, vehicles, and any people in the area, as well as the plants around it. A tree surgeon can assess the tree’s size, health, and the surroundings to ensure that the removal goes off without a hitch.

The process of tree removal in Guildford is usually as follows:

  • Professionals will inspect the area and plan out the best way to remove the tree.
  • Most trees will be felled using a notch cut and back cut technique and allowed to fall in a safe location.
  • Some large trees will require crane assistance and will be cut down piece by piece.
  • The bulk of the tree will be cut into pieces and removed.
  • The stump can be ground down with a stump grinder.

Questions to Ask the Professionals

Tree surgeons perform a wide range of services. If you’re concerned, it’s worthwhile to ask them about the health and placement of other trees on your property. You should also ask about filling in the holes left from the stumps and how to keep the rest of your trees healthy.

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