Those who work and live in exposed conditions need the best protection available for their land, properties, and buildings. The last thing anyone wants is excess water from heavy rainfall to eat away and erode earth and structures which can cause huge financial damage and increase the risk of disaster.

Finding the correct way to deal with such issues is essential. There are several available options, but a perfect resolution for areas that are gently sloped is to speak to the specialists and contact EARTHLOK for a concrete drain that will provide the best solution.

  • Dealing with experts in their field, an Australian-owned company, that produces hard armour protection with production in Victoria, which provides a reassurance that they understand the conditions through years in the business. Swale drains are shallow channels found on a gently sloped incline which are used to direct stormwater away from the surface or a structure.
  • The lining for the swale drains provided by the pros consists of a flexible concrete matting with many concrete blocks in the shape of a pyramid laying on top of it. The clever system sees the flowing water press the blocks down into the mat and anchors it into the ground.
  • The high-quality product has a lifespan of over a century in vegetated applications with around half of that in non-vegetative applications. The option of a biodegradable nutrition mat underlay can assist with vegetation growth for those that require it. The swale drains are the perfect way to guide away water and play their part in the maintenance of natural landscapes.
  • The protection leads to the increased value of the land and peace of mind to anyone purchasing property in the vicinity. It also provides the function of slowing down water through its ingenious design as well as removing larger sediments from water. Roadways and their longevity benefit greatly from such installations as there is a huge reduction in water getting under the concrete and causing erosion.
  • The environmental advantages also make the product one that is ahead of the rest of the field. In conjunction with other drains made by the same company, it can allow for the collection of stormwater, which can then be reused. It also has a lower carbon footprint than many competitors, as the protection is made from recycled materials. It has received awards in recognition of its earth-friendly qualities.
  • The drainage solution provides fantastic value for money, ideal for local authorities or building contractors with tight budgets to adhere to. It is long lasting and requires very little maintenance once installed with the chance of needing any replacement being remote. Installation and full product support are provided to ensure that the protection will be fully effective, once it is manufactured to order, rolled like carpet, and delivered ready for quick installation.

Those requiring protection for any sloping land and the surrounding structures are well advised to speak to a specialist company that provides the perfect cost-effective and environmentally friendly concrete solutions.