When landscaping, sometimes the last thing to be considered is the driveway. Several options are available for making a lovely driveway, but if you leave it to the end, you may feel the temptation to save a little money instead of making your driveway a showpiece. Your driveway and walks are what the public sees, and a classy driveway can make a strong impression.

  • Resin-Bound Driveway: One of the most exciting developments in paving is resin-bound concrete. You may have seen what was sometimes called pebble crete, where the aggregate on the surface was exposed, which created a lovely look. The problem with it was that those pebbles eventually became loose. Today the aggregate can be bonded with resin, so you can have the same look, but the stones remain where they should. You can also add dimension by adding geometric patterns. Estimates for resin bound driveway cost in Wilmslow, can be discovered through an Internet search.
  • Pavers: The Romans had some pretty good ideas, and the roads they made were excellent. Using pavers to create a driveway or path is always an elegant choice. These days there are a lot more options, with precast pavers of many styles.
  • Concrete: Concrete is a sensible solution for driveways. It is probably the most popular material to use. And concrete does not need to be simply a patch of grey; today, there are some exciting choices like pattern stamping and colour choices too.

Other choices for driveway include asphalt, gravel, and even special pavers that allow grass to grow through. Many materials work: it is up to you to decide what is best for your home.