Most people in West Sussex will have, at some point, found it tricky to get time off work in order to get something like home improvements or repairs. If it’s an emergency then most employers are ok, usually though it would mean taking holiday entitlement in order to take time away from your workplace.

More Flexibility

Some people’s jobs that required a large amount of administration time will have been fortunate enough to be able to have kept their accrued holiday entitlement. They would have simply worked from home. If you are new to the whole working from home ‘thing’ and aren’t sure you like it, just consider the flexibility that you now have. You shouldn’t miss any deliveries and can be there for any jobs that require somebody at home, who knows, you might even find yourself searching for local roofers in Chichester to make good, upgrade or to clean your roof.

Taking a step back from politics

Some people love their jobs, but, despise the dramas that come from working with others. There are probably more people who like to get involved in office politics, gossip and all that nonsense than those that feel like they are a square peg in a round in a round hole, head down, cracking on with their job. Regardless of which ‘group’ you fall into, stepping away from politics will probably be good your health or, benefit somebody else’s mental state.