We all want to feel as safe in our homes as we possibly can. Security is one of the foundations of mental health. And we want our loved ones to be safe as well. Statistics show that the most common security breach at residential homes is the doors. Most times when the bad guys show up, they are looking to get in through the door. And it that is too difficult, they usually don’t stick around to try the windows. The best thing you can do for active home security is to fortify your doors. That way, thieves and other invaders will have much more trouble getting in than it’s worth. Here are some ways that you can make your doors safer.

Deadbolt: If your door is protected only by the latch on the doorknob, it is likely that most crooks could that door open in a variety of ways in just minutes. Certainly, it would not survive even one good kick. A good deadbolt goes deep into the frame of the door, and you can even get systems that have multiple bolts. That makes it incredibly difficult to get through the door by force alone.

Strike Box: When the thief goes after your door, they are going to go after the latch. That is usually the easiest way to get in. A strike box is often made in two pieces, one part attaches to the frame and the other to the door. The frame part is embedded deep into the frame. And the two parts overlap to make the latch stronger and more difficult to penetrate with tools.

Better Door: A quick way to boost your door security is to get yourself some better doors. You can find security doors in Mandurah, through a Google search. There are many different types of security doors on the market, and there are doors for every budget and style of home too.

Change Your Locks: Sometimes all your security can be for nothing if someone has the key to your house. If you have an older home, it is possible that someone you don’t know already has a key to your house. But you can make that concern disappear forever if you simply get your locks rekeyed. It is a simple procedure for peace of mind.

Other things you can consider are getting a good alarm, and or a security camera. Your door is the most important part of your home. If it is not secure, then nothing is secure. Have a look at your door today and see what needs to be done.