Are you looking for something unique to feature in your home decor? If so, why not consider a vintage sign? Every sign has its unmatchable brand of patina, rusted spots, and worn areas which make them shine.

Vintage signs have their own history and story before collectors found them. Some of them may have been displayed in a factory or business for decades or advertising a product of the past. Vintage signs can also be street signs placed in a nice neighborhood. Buying vintage signs for sale is like giving these signs a new life. Being rare and vintage, these signs are usually priced high. But, just think of them as an investment purchase. Regardless of your budget, a vintage sign will elevate your decor’s uniqueness.

Here are tips when decorating your home with vintage signs:

Shaping a Room

A vintage sign can be the focal point of a room. It can be a conversation piece that eliminates the need to work with other design elements. A vintage sign can stand on its own.

Expressing a Sense of Humor

There are many fun vintage signs you can choose from. For instance, an arrow can point upwards towards your stairs. Also, you can hang an Exit sign above the door.

Creating your Personal Style and a Unique Living Space

You can achieve this by using accents and accessories that have character. For instance, adding a slatted wood sign in your kitchen can transform the look and atmosphere of the space. Also, a vintage metal sign will remind you of the 1950s roadside diners.

Improving the Look of your Gallery Wall

To make your gallery walls even more appealing, ensure they spotlight vintage signs because they go beyond basic framed pictures. You can use a vintage sign as a graphic accent to have in your gallery wall.

Making your Shelves More Engaging

Vintage signs can make your standard shelves lined with kitchen essentials more engaging. Choose rusted vintage signs that showcase the perfect patina.

Making an Empty Wall Visually Appealing

If you have empty wall spaces in your home, adding a vintage sign to it will give it an interesting visual appeal. You can choose from many odd sizes that can fit in your empty wall spaces.

Making your Home Office Livelier

A home office doesn’t have to be boring and a charming vintage sign can be the perfect decor. It can add a certain life to the workspace especially hung above the desk.