Epoxy flooring has been around a long time, you will see it in many commercial and public buildings. It is how supermarkets keep their floors so shiny and clean. But just like with all materials, technology, creativity, and shared ideas is changing how we use them. Epoxy has recently become a fad in the furniture industry. People have discovered how to utilize it as a colourful way to fill the cracks in wood and to create beautiful objects like river tables. DIY craftsman have also discovered epoxy and its usefulness in wood turning. Now some of these ideas are coming back to flooring, and what was once a commercial product has much more appeal for the home or studio apartment.

Benefits of Epoxy: Epoxy became very popular for commercial flooring because it has many benefits. It is a material that is at first liquid, and when it is applied it fills in all the imperfections of the surface and creates a waterproof shell over the entire area, without cracks and bumps—if applied by professionals. Expert epoxy installers in Adelaide can be found through an internet search. This surface is easy to clean, resistant to spills and chemicals, is hygienic, and is long lasting. In addition, epoxy also comes in any colour you wish, because the application of tint is very similar to paint. So, colour matching and creativity is unlimited.

Artistry: The reason that epoxy is becoming popular in living spaces and showrooms, is epoxy’s ability to retain the qualities it has when it is wet. Everyone has played with liquids and marvelled at the beautiful swirls and clouds that are created when different materials are mixed. When you use epoxy, those swirls and effects are preserved, which can give you some beautiful results. All the metallic effects from autobody paint, and some unique pearlescent effects are available too. And one more feature that is popular is the clear surface coat that can be applied, sealing in any artwork or graphics underneath, and preserving them.

All these advantages make epoxy a very desirable material for creating unique and personal floor spaces.  This is a one-of-a-kind look that can be applied in studio apartments, garages, showrooms, and playrooms. It can also be applied with very luxurious effects in kitchens. Everything depends on the skill level of the person doing the application, so make sure you get references. And if you have decided to do it yourself, practice first, and make sure you research the recommended safety protocols before you begin.